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1. Example Pokemon (Tentacool)Edit

This pokemon looks like a jellyfish. I want it to evolve, but I don't know what it should evolve into. It has big orbs that look like eyes, but its real eyes are small and hidden. It would definitely be part poison type. 

This example gives a basic physical description with important details and a general idea of typing. As a jellyfish it would obviously live in the ocean. These are all things that help our drawfriends envision your idea and help them put it on paper.

  • Tentacool

2. XochiquetzalEdit

Based on the goddess of the Aztecs which represented fertility, beauty, and female sexual power, serving as a protector of young mothers and a patroness of pregnancy, childbirth, and the crafts practised by women such as weaving and embroidery. Also often related to the new moon and water.

Designed to be the pixie (mew-like) legendary, its history revolves around protecting the treasure (Gold pixie) guarded by El Dorado (Gold Pyramid in the region)

Xochiquetzal is just the name of the goddess it is based from it doesn't have a real name at the moment

Xochiquetzal Latest design

Xochiquetzal develop

Xochiquetzal went trough several changes before its current design

Red and gold pixie

Delicious OTP

3. Gold PixieEdit

Gold pixie is strongly related to Xochiquetzal, supposed to be the treasure hidden in El Dorado which is protected by Xochiquetzal, as Xochiquetzal there's no current name asigned or porposed

Pixie gold

4. Red PandaEdit

Red pands

5. Bush pokemonEdit

Bush pokemon

6. Alternate Musburry evolutionEdit

Alternate Mulsburry evo

7. Rock dinosaur Edit

Rock dino thing

8. Sturgeon Surgeon and Clamp First Kit AidEdit

Clampaid was supposed to be the Pre-evolution of both Nurshery and Sturgeon Surgeon, sadly only nurshery was voted in.

Derived from a silly pun involving Thoraxe and a kids show about safety, Surgeon and Nurshery where born, Surgeon was based on a Sturgeon fish while Nurshery is based on a Nurse shark, both where linked by a single pre-evo Clamp aid in an analoge reference to Clamperl, Huntail and Gorebyss

Surgeon and nurse and clamp aid

These are the first two designs posted of Surgeon Sturgeon and Nurshery, several designs where proposed but got lost. Clampaid design is the latest one